25. Opinion/Tahmin


This page is for the purpose of publishing the Opinions and suggestions made by its members to be shared by all others for the benefit of the existence of the village name and its Ancestry thru the Social Media and Akıncılar Köyü .com website.

Tahmin sayfası, tahmin ve önerileri yayınlama amacı, tüm üyelerin ve diğerleri tarafından faydalanması, köyün varlığı ve soyların sonsuzluk, Sosyal medya bakımından Akıncılar Köyü .com sitesinin vasıtası ile sonsuzluğa kadar devam etme amacı olacaktır.


The History of the Turkish Cypriots in Akıncılar/Lurucina is not as some people seem to think, based on their opinion and researches done thru the Greek and English falsefied documents and somehow for personal egoistic setisfaction seem to pursue and publish their findings thereby achiving to cloud not only their identity but also destroy the means of their decendants and the forthcoming of their future offsprings pride, democracy and education at present time has made us more tolerant to mixed marriages and society tries to convince us to refrain from being prejudice, whilst all along pursuing their beliefs in their nationalism, relegion, and strong feelings of their historical identity, one of many examples is that the history of America with not even 250 years, 242 years to be precise, with a population of 323 million that consist of multi coloured races and nations who seem to be proud of their heritage and yet we as the children of the Ottomans with over 800 years of continous history and since the begining of the 20th Century, what was once one of the greatest Empire’s in the world, have allowed foreign nations to apply the oldest trick, the perfect game of divide and rule.

The Turkish Cypriot Community allowed the same princiables to be used by the Greek Cypriots. Since 1876, in convincing our forefathers that we, in Akıncılar/Lurucina are a mixed race of Greeks/İtalians/ Venice'ans or many other Ethnic groups that lived in Cyprus since 1571, a statement which is untrue, the community of Akincilar has since the 1600 hundred's been Turkish, there after Turkish Cypriots, any inter marriages has always been a majority of our forefathers taking Greek female brides. 

When the British rule took over the governing of the Island in 1878, which was the beginning of creating false records that in years to come found their way into historical archives,  there after a new generation of believers, who without making proper researches, i.e. into the Ottoman historical Archives, which the majority of the records were taken away to Turkey’s mainland in 1878, with only a very small amount left in Cyprus, (Note: all scriptures were written in old Turkish) if those that are opinionated and proud of their identity would have carried out all the proper researches before writing, also trying to substantiate their findings, which are handed down through verbal insinuations and Greek opinions in influencing ones judgement. 

Each and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but to base an opinion and insinuations without proper researches of the facts can be damaging to ones nationality and more over gives the opportunity to those that oppose you and not recognize your equal human rights in using it to their advantage by publicly announcing to the World that among ourselves we are in dispute of our own heritage. 

The Question is that the Village of Akıncılar/Lurucina has approx. 400 years history of Turkish families that can be traced back thru the Ottoman archives and local families records, (also thru some researches that were carried out on the Y-Chromosome analyses reveal that in terms of Paternal Linages GCy, (Greek Cypriot) share primarily a common ancestry with TCy, (Turkish Cypriot) based on the current findings, is of local origin. Moreover, the latter, TCy show evidence of recent (Past few Centuries) genetic Contribution from mainland Turkey and presence of Minor Eastern Eurasian and North African Paternal Ancestry) the point made here is that, what was in the past 400 years ago, which our families excepted the fact of being Turkish Cypriots, and carrying Turkish names should at least have the decency and pride to except/honor and protect it, not just for our own benefit but also for the benefit of our children and grandchildren’s identity and heritage which the majority of Turkish youth today hold their identity in high esteem.  

To be Continued.